“I Have to Ask… With Elizabeth Hess”

Two weeks ago, I made one of the most difficult personal decisions of my career as an educator. I resigned my position from Urbana School District after almost 30 years. The last six of those years, I had the honor and privilege to serve as Superintendent. In that role, I focused on students, and I especially focused on how as a system (not just Urbana School District #116), public schools fail to serve students who have been traditionally marginalized.

One of the people who reached out to me was a journalist, who has transformed her own life drastically over the past two years. After leaving the News-Gazette, where she was the only progressive, feminist voice on the editorial page, she has become one of the best independent journalists in the area. She uses an in-depth interview format that is both insightful for the listener and intimidating for the person being interviewed.

Last week, she invited me to her studio and asked me some of the most meaningful and challenging questions I have been asked by a journalist in a very long time.

Here is a link to the interview on the Apple Podcast site. Here is the same interview on SoundCloud, if you prefer that platform. I welcome comments, as does Elizabeth. I strongly recommend subscribing – her interviews are easily on par with NPR greats Terry Gross or Jeremy Hobson.

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